Recording Electrical Energy Use is Easy

We all need to reduce our use of all types of energy. First we have to understand our present usage patterns. For electrical energy this is easy. We simply record the current taken over a period, generally the minimum would be a week as often one week is the same as the next. Simply decide where you want to start, you can start at the 'top' by logging your total incoming demand, seen at the meter and then work down within your premises to record and quantify sub circuits.  Alternatively you know where some of your large loads are and therefore want to work your way up from the bottom, by logging demand of machines or sub circuits and working your way up towards the incoming feeds. Either approach will work.

Next step is to identify where you can get physical access to the cables and feeders at the various points/nodes you have chosen. At these points you will clip current sensors (either CTs, Rogowski Coils or Hall Effect sensors). It can be useful to measure the instantaneous current taken by the circuit or machine, and note fuse ratings at that point, this will help you to size the datalogger rating needed.

Next hire an appropriately sized logger, for demands of up to 400A, use the CT-3A-RS for demands over 400A and up to 3kA use the EC-3A-RS

If you hire from us we'll give a day either side of the hire period so a week gives you 9 days will the logger, 2 weeks will give you 16 days with the logger.  Our  free Electrosoft software will calculate the energy usage and allows you to try different tariff scenarios to the data. You may also be able to see where energy is being wasted and energy savings can be made.

Good luck.

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