Learn more from Electrocorder customers about how our range of Electrical Data Loggers can help your business! We've highlighted a small selection of our users to tell you how the Electrocorder helped them achieve their goals due to their low cost, high reliability and excellent analysis tools.

Thermoservice, Bulgaria - Energy Audit
Thermoservice, Bulgaria - Energy Audit

Thermoservice from Bulgaria used Electrocorder Electrical Data Loggers to undertake energy efficiency audits of customer premises, saving their customers money and them also in the process!  Electrocorder Power Logger/Energy Logger allowed them to make this happen simply, with great analysis software.

Resourceable, Northern Ireland - Energy Audit
Resourceable, Northern Ireland - Energy Audit

Resourceable Ltd from Northern Ireland used the Electrocorder Electrical Data Logger to monitor customer energy consumption and report on potential savings available.  They found it was very simple and effective to use.

HEP ODS, Croatia - Voltage Logging
HEP ODS, Croatia

Case Study with HEP ODS from Croatia using the Electrocorder Voltage Loggers to evaluate and resolve voltage quality complaints from their electrical distribution customers.  The Electrocorder Electrical Data Logger made it easy for them to solve problems fast and fix underpinning issues in their network.

Teka, Germany - Voltage Troubeshooting
Teka Germany

Case Study with Teka from Germany using the Electrocorder Electrical Data Logger to identify and resolve issues with using electrical appliances in their installations.  Voltage Logging let them identify and resolve faults quickly and minimise downtime.

Powerstar, South Africa - Voltage Optimisation
Powerstar, South Africa - Voltage Optimisation.

Powerstar from South Africa uses the Electrocorder to provide pre-sales initial monitoring and evaluation of customer sites for Voltage Optimisation suitability.  This let them estimate payback from energy savings before installing equipment, and manage demand for their product.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews and Testimonials from users of the Electrocorder range of Electrical Data Loggers, covering experiences and results from using them for applications such as Appliance troubleshooting, Voltage Optimisation, Load Surveys and more.  Electrocorder provides Single Phase and Three Phase Power Loggers, Energy Loggers, Voltage Loggers and Current Loggers for Industrial and beyond.