Support - Database Remains Locked

The database can only be accessed by one user at a time, when in use the database is locked and others may not access it. It is possible for the database to remain locked, even after a user has finished. This can be caused by several events/circumstances.

  • The PC of the last user crashes while Electrosoft is in use and the lock is not 'cleared'.
  • A network problem, similar to above.
  • The Database can be 'forceably' unlocked from within Electrosoft.

    Before forcing the unlock we would recommend:-

    1. Ensure no other users are accessing the database!
    2. Ensure no other PC is presently using Electrosoft unseen or minimised!
    3. Inform all other users not to use or start Electrosoft while you force the unlock.
    4. Take a copy of the database file.

    To Unlock the Database

    Within Electrosoft, select the menu option 'Options' then Select 'System Setup' now select the 'Database' tab. Ensure that the file shown is the correct database you use! Now is a good opportunity to create a backup copy of it (given that you now know the name and location).

    Once backed up, simply read the warning message and click the 'Remove Lock' button below