Software Information

Download Electrosoft for Microsoft Windows
Compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11 or later.  32/64-bit compatible.
Includes sample files to demonstrate features before purchasing an Electrocorder.
Includes drivers for logger communication.

Electrosoft allows you to graphically view and manipulate your logged data, along with PDF Report and Exporting functions. Our extra features such as Power/Energy Analysis, Costing and Comparison, Cycling Analysis, Voltage Optimisation Analysis and many other features make applying your data easy.

Electrosoft includes the following features and reports, and more - download includes sample files to let you try the functionality for yourself!

  • Sets-up loggers for recording.
  • Plots voltage & current graphs.
  • Plots energy & power graphs.
  • Extrapolates CO2 usage.
  • Database to track logger location.
  • Alarms for late returns.
  • Prints report quality graphs.
  • Languages: En, Es, Fr, Hr, Cz, Fi, De, It, Po, Pt, Se.
  • Database can be used across a network.
  • Prints User Instructions.
  • Plot multiple graphs on a single axes.
  • View Voltage Optimisation business case.
  • Email data files.
  • Voltage unbalance calculation.
  • Manage logger calibration dates.
  • NEC 180 min/min calculations.
  • Print preview Reports & export to PDF, RTF, XLS, HTML.