Support - Battery Holder Breakages

One of the main issues with the battery holder is when the logger is dropped, there are 2 lugs on the side of the holder which break off, these stop the battery sliding laterally within the holder. Cable ties are used to stop the battery popping-up out of the holder, it does not stop lateral movement. Consequently when the lugs are broken, it becomes very difficult to retain the battery in position.

The attachment we issue (now fitted to all new EC-1V loggers during manufacture) will stop lateral movement even if the lugs are broken.

Breaking of the clasps when changing batteries, this is an area where the user needs to take special care when changing batteries. In all the years of making these products, we have seen only 5 or 6 (five or six) breakages of this kind..... we have fitted approximately five to ten thousand. So it is seen as an issue with the users changing the batteries.

Simple recommendations:-

  1. Never work on flexible plastics when the items are cold, they should be at least room temp (20C).
  2. When removing the battery, carefully and slowly ease the battery up and out of the holder, never use any force.
  3. When fitting a new battery, slide the battery in, ensuring the body of the battery is kept against the top (terminal) end of the holder, this ensures the clasps are not bent any more than needed.