Hardware Support

Video Tutorials

Videos demonstrating how to use Electrosoft and Electrocorder.

Batteries Becoming Dislodged

Find out how to ensure that your Electrocorder batteries don't disconnect in transit.

Battery Holder Breakages

Advice on how to change your internal Batteries without causing any damage to retaining lugs.

Battery Holder Issue

Upgrade available for old Electrocorders to improve battery holder support.

Changing the Battery or Batteries

How to exchange the primary cells used in your Electrocorder.

Communications Troubleshooting

Advice on how to resolve communications issues between the PC and the Logger.

Data Recovery After Reset or Battery Failure

Recover information recorded on-site after battery failures or other issues.

Unknown or Corrupt Serial Number

If you are encountering this issue, this section will help you troubleshoot and resolve the problem with your Logger.

Fusible Mains Input Resistor Replacement

Upgrade available for old Electrocorders to resolve an issue with internal components.

Submit a Support Query

If you need assistance with an Electrocorder, find out what information you need to send us, to let us help you.