Teka, Germany - Voltage Troubleshooting

Teka, Germany

“I have already recommended the Electrocorder products and would definitly recommend them again”
António Rosa at Teka, Portugal. teka.com

Products Used:
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EC-2V Voltage Logger

Who are Teka?
Teka is an international industrial group founded in Germany in 1924. The business divisions of the group go from the professional and domestic equipment for the kitchen and bath and stainless steel containers. The division of Teka kitchen is among the world-wide leaders in the manufacture of sinks and electric home appliances with the advantage of being a specialized integral manufacturer in the socket, that is to say, covers all needs under a unique brand.

Why did they need the EC-2V?
“I needed a tool in order to understand the different tension (voltage) values during a long period of time. The EC-1V and the EC-2V are the best tools for this.”

Voltage Troubleshooting with Teka

After using the EC-2V
“I used the Electrocorder EC-2V for my first data logging exercise I had to undertake.

What was most precious to us was the graphic time/ tension value. Because of this product I was able to understand the conditions from the electrical installation when I have a report of malfunction from electrical appliances.”

Purchasing experience
“I had no issues at all with the purchasing of the products. Things went smoothly. I have already recommended Acksen’s Electrocorder products and I would recommend these products again.”