Support - Battery Holder Issue

A problem with the battery holder only used on the IP65 models has recently come to light, June 2002; models affected are only 'Electrocorder IP65' models - EC116/IP65, EC132/IP65 & EC164/IP65 only units produced PRIOR to JUNE 2002! - A normal battery holder is shown below.

Battery Holder Issue

The solution is simple, place an adhesive rubber instrument foot under the holder (adhered to the PCB), this will prop-up the sagging ends of the battery holder. See image below.

Battery Holder Issue

The 'rubber instrument foot' recommended is 12,7mm diameter and 3,6mm high and was supplied by RS Components, part number 233-540.

Only qualified technical personnel to replace the rubber foot:-

  1. Disconnect the unit from mains supply.
  2. Remove the 4 screw covers and remove the 4 screws.
  3. Clip the cable-tie and remove the battery.
  4. Pull up the back of the battery holder and insert the rubber foot (adhesive side down).
  5. Insert a new battery and secure with a new cable-tie.
  6. Replace the cover and insert the 4 screws and screw covers.