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Electrosoft (Software) Videos

Electrosoft - EC-7VAR-RS Power Logger
Acksen Electrocorder three phase EC-7VAR-RS power logger, allows you to easily record & analyse energy usage & loading problems.


Electrosoft - Current Logger
Electrosoft helps analyse current, power and energy from your Electrocorder current logger.


Electrosoft - Power Logger
Electrosoft helps analyse power and energy from your Electrocorder logger.


Electrosoft - Voltage Logger
Electrosoft helps analyse voltages from your single or three phase Electrocorder logger.

Electrosoft - Calibration Manager
Acksen Electrocorder comes with free Electrosoft software to manage your logger calibration.

Electrosoft - Logger Calibration
Acksen Electrocorder can be calibrated using free Electrosoft software.


Electrosoft - Communications Problems
If you're having problems connecting, we take you through some hints and tips on getting your Electrocorder up and running!


Electrosoft - Data Recovery
If your logger has run out of battery during or after recording, or received a mechanical shock which has reset the circuitry, you can use Data Recovery to retrieve information from the Electrocorder. We show you how in this video!


Electrosoft - Database
Your database helps summarise your logger status, informing you at a glance when each is due for return, or overdue.


Electrosoft - Logger Detection
Electrosoft can automatically scan for a connected Electrocorder, and set the port for you.


Electrosoft - Logger Diagnostics
If you’ve been asked to by Support, Logger Diagnostics can help retrieve information about your Electrocorder to remotely check its operation.


Electrosoft - Logger Download
Here we demonstrate with a three-phase current logger EC-3A-RS how to download your data, and what type of information is available to use.


Electrosoft - Setup Logger
This allows you to configure your Electrocorder with your required averaging period, enter Customer or Job Information, and check battery and calibration status.


Electrosoft - Installation from Web
Downloading Electrosoft from the website, installation and configuration.


Electrosoft - Registration
Register Electrosoft on the Electrocorder website.


Electrosoft - Analysis Overview
Overview of the functionality of the Electrosoft software for Acksen data loggers.


Electrosoft - Basic Operation
Covering basic operation of the Electrocorder, from Setup and viewing the Database to reading logged data from the Electrocorder and Saving, Opening and Sharing Data Files.