Powerstar, South Africa - Voltage Optimisation

Powerstar, South Africa

“The EC-1V is simple and easy to use...we would definitely recommend Electrocorder products”
Nic Alexander, Operations Manager at Powerstar S.A.  www.Powerstar.com

Products Used:
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EC-1V Voltage Logger

Who are Powerstar?
EMSc (UK) Ltd is an engineering market leader renowned for the innovative design of the Star range of energy saving solutions. The companies vision focuses on helping clients make their organisation more energy efficient through cutting edge technology solutions.

PowerStar is one of their six energy saving products. PowerStar are a global company with offices in England, Cyprus, Australia and expanding with new partners in many other locations.

Why did they need the EC-1V?
“Our main reason for purchasing the EC-1V data logger was to log voltages so that we can work on optimising the sites for our customers.

We have used Metrel power analysers before but they are more complicated and not as easy to use as the EC-1V. We have found the EC-1V data logger simple and easy to use, and would definitely recommend Electrocorder products.”

Voltage Optimisation with Powerstar

After using the EC-1V
“The analysis of the data enables us to propose energy savings on sites that over voltage.”

Purchasing experience
“We liaise with Acksen when purchasing products, they offer us a great service.”