HeaterSTOP HS-230-3A Hall Heating Controller

HeaterSTOP HS-230-3A Hall Heating Controller

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How to use

HeaterSTOP prevents the inadvertant constant heating of your Community Hall which wastes enormous amounts of energy, increases bills and harms the environment. HeaterSTOP will reduce this dramatically. Installed in 30 minutes it will protect you from the heating being switched on and left on for prolonged periods.

Heating can be accidentally left on when a user switches the timeswitch or thermostat to ‘on’ or ‘manual’ mode and then forgets to turn it back to ‘auto’ or ‘timer’ mode after the event. The next scheduled event may not notice that the heating was left on, as the heating is normally programmed to be on for them!


HeaterSTOP is wired in line with the timer/thermostat output (switch) signal. You program it with the maximum allowable single duration of a ‘heating on’ signal, for example 7 hours. When the switch signal comes on, HeaterSTOP will allow the signal to pass for 7 hours, after which time it will stop the signal therefore stopping the heating. HeaterSTOP will automatically reset when the switch ‘on’ signal is removed; this allows normal switching of thermostatic control or timer control as they both create on/off signals. It also means that no interaction with the HeaterSTOP is necessary. 

If you are running your timeswitch in ‘manual’ or ‘on’ mode and HeaterSTOP has timed out after your set period, simply turn your timeswitch to ‘off’ for a moment and the HeaterSTOP will reset and allow you another maximum period of, for example, 7 hours.


145x90x50mm, 300g.

Maximum set time:

Maximum Switched Load:
3A @ 230V

Mains Powered:
220V to 240V @ 50/60Hz

Safety IEC 1010-1 (1995) EN61010-1 (1995).
Emissions EN55022:1994B, (EN50081-1:1992).
Immunity EN50082-2:1995, following the provisions of EMC directive 89/336/EEC.
All models CE certified (heavy industrial, 10V/m).

Personal Voltage Alarm Datasheet Datasheet


Presently there is one model of HeaterSTOP, designed for use on 220V to 240V (50/60Hz) systems, and capable of switching 3A loads. HS-230-3A


How do I decide the maximum time to set?
This time setting will be the longest time needed to heat up and maintain the temperature in the hall for an event, for example in winter you may need 3 hours to heat the hall to temperature and then the event will last for 4 hours, a total of 7 hours is needed, so set the maximum period to 7 hours. This period would be already programmed into your timeswitch, so you can look through your timeswitch settings and note the longest on period set, then set this maximum time period in HeaterSTOP. 

In the event of your timeswitch being turned to constant ‘ON’ mode, HeaterSTOP will simply enforce a maximum uninterrpted period of 7 hours, or whatever period you have set. Once the heating signal from the timer or thermostat goes off, the HeaterSTOP resets its counter to zero and only starts counting time again once the ‘on’ signal reappears. It automatically resets you don’t need to do anything.  The maximum period can be changed at any time.

What systems is it compatible with?

  • Compatible with any electronic thermostat.
  • Compatible with any electronic timeswitch.
  • Suitable for electric, gas and oil heating.
  • Easy “fit and forget” installation, no user interaction required.
  • Can be installed by an electrician or any competent person in 30 minutes.