• Machines or Equipment Resetting

    A common problem that can be diagnosed with a good voltage recorder is the resetting of electrical machines that have electronic, PLC or computer c...
  • Recording Electrical Energy Use is Easy

    We all need to reduce our use of all types of energy. First we have to understand our present usage patterns. For electrical energy this is easy. W...
  • Reduce Energy in Business

    The price of energy is increasing towards its true value; for too long we have been using unsustainably cheap fossil fuel energy, cheap because all...
  • EV Charging

    As EV charging points become more common, we look at typical charging currents and how to determine if we have the capacity to install a charger.
  • Performing an Energy Audit (Save Energy)

    The term Energy Audit is now common currency, with most understanding what it means but perhaps not knowing and how to perform one; the aim of this document is to explain an ‘Electricity Energy Audit’ using the Electrocorder range of data loggers. The ultimate aim of an Energy Audit should be to reduce usage.
  • What is Voltage Optimisation

    We take a look at what Voltage Optimization (VO) is and how it can save energy and money.

  • Normal Daily Voltage Variations

    We investigate some common causes of normal daily voltage variations to your supply voltage.

  • Battery Storage System Issues

    Battery systems are becoming more common and increasingly important for modern living. Many homes, offices and businesses are being fitted with battery storage systems to either store solar energy or off-peak grid supplied energy for later use. Find out more about some of the common issues you can encounter when installing and maintaining these systems.

  • Power Factor Correction

    Improving Power Factor can help lower your electric bills and reduce energy losses, as well as reducing carbon emissions and more.  Find out more about the theory behind it and how Power Factor Correction can be used to help improve your electrical system.

  • Machines Tripping or Resetting

    Power quality is a measure of the purity of the AC voltage waveform on your local electricity network, the purity can refer to the amplitude and frequency of the voltage as well as its distortion from the fundamental 50 or 60Hz. If should be noted that you as the customer or consumer of energy can adversely affect or change your local voltage purity. You can affect it for you but you can also affect it for your neighbours, as they can for you! In this discussion we will not look at frequency distortion, that is, flicker or harmonics.