Support - Submit a Support Query

Licenced Users of the full version of Electrosoft may receive support by emailing support and receive assistance with any technical issues you encounter. Please include your Product Purchase Number, Registration Number, Registration Key and Purchase Key (found in Help About) in all correspondence. Please include any screenshots if possible regarding errors if you experience those.

When contacting Acksen Ltd with a support question, please ensure you include the following information:-

  • Your Product Registration No. (PRN) (located in Help->About).
  • Your Registration Key (RK). (located in Help->About).
  • Your Email Address.
  • Your Electrosoft Version and Build number (located in Help->About).
  • A description of your problem, including the steps you take to reproduce it.
  • Details of your PC and operating system (e.g. Version of Windows, Make/Model of PC, any other known problems).
  • Details of any other programs that were running on your computer at the time the problem occurred..