Support - Submit a Support Query

Electrocorder and Electrosoft users can contact support for assistance with usage queries.

If you need assistance with issues outside of normal Electrocorder/Electrosoft operation, it will be necessary to purchase a Support Incident.  Please contact us for a cost estimate.

When contacting Acksen Ltd with a support question, please ensure you include the following information:-

  • Your Product Registration No. (PRN) (located in Help->About).
  • Your Registration Key (RK). (located in Help->About).
  • Your Electrocorder Model Type and Serial Number.
  • Your Email Address.
  • Your Electrosoft Version and Build number (located in Help->About).
  • A description of your problem, including the steps you take to reproduce it.
  • Details of your PC and operating system (e.g. Version of Windows, Make/Model of PC, any other known problems).
  • Details of any other programs that were running on your computer at the time the problem occurred.
  • Screenshots/Photographs of the problem and any error/information messages.