Climate Impact

At Acksen, we believe in being green, it's something we're passionate about. We're driven to design and manufacture great products that allow you to make accurate, informed decisions about carbon management and corporate environmental obligations.

We've taken measures to ensure that we minimise our carbon footprint during manufacture and dispatch of Electrocorders, and for their operational life some examples are:-



All Electrocorders are designed to have a long service life, with no inbuilt obsolescence or components designed to fail, other than for protective purposes.

All Electrocorders are fully serviceable and modular, allowing damaged units to be repaired and brought back into service.

All Electrocorders are provided with a limited lifetime warranty for registered products, this reduces waste.

We are in the process of developing a carbon footprint for each model.

We are swapping from primary alkaline cells to secondary (rechargeable) NiMH cells.



All Electrocorders are designed, manufactured and supported in Northern Ireland. If we want manufacturing to be a part of our economy, we all have to expect and accept higher prices. We could get our products made (cheaper for you) in the far east and support their economies; how would that benefit us, with less local work, less local employees, less local suppliers - is that really a good option?



All inbound (supplier) packaging is reused or recycled, we ask our suppliers to reduce single-use packaging. Don't be disappointed to receive a used carton from us.

We seek to source and use 'second hand' (used) equipment, rather than new in all manufacturing and testing processes.

All manufacturing and assembly takes place in the UK (Northern Ireland) to reduce the carbon miles travelled by products and components.

Outbound 'dispatches' are limited to one day a week, to reduce and mitigate the carbon impact of courier pickups.

Inbound supplier purchases 'goods in' are aggregated to reduce deliveries.

We actively encourage our suppliers to reuse packaging and reduce use of single use cardboard, plastics and bubble wrap; indeed to reduce the use of packaging especially plastics where possible.



Our premises are fully electrically powered (net over the year) via a solar PV array.

Oil heating is controlled by a state of the art controller with anti-cycling and turned off during weekends and holidays.

The building fabric is heavily insulated.

Lighting is a mixture of LED and fluorescent; we are transitioning to full LED lighting.

We have no electrical heating.

We are located within walking distance of a rail station and several bus stops, allowing staff to travel by public transport.

We are investigating the use of rainwater capture systems to reduce our water use.



We seek to only issue and promote climate friendly social media postings.



We encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport where possible.

We advocate the reduction in the use of fossil fuel transport and encourage the use of EVs (electric vehicles).

We advocate voting for politicians and parties with climate friendly policies and where the climate is demonstrably at the top of their agenda and policy making.