HEP ODS, Croatia - Voltage Logging

HEP ODS, Croatia

“We found it a very good piece of equipment and very practical for diagnosing voltage issues... I would recomend the SL-3V”
Sandra Hutter, Measurements Engineer at HEP ODS-Elektra Zagreb. hep.hr

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SL-3V Voltage Logger

Who are HEP ODS?
HEP ODS are a distribution system operator. Elektra Zagreb is a distribution area. In addition to distributing electricity taken from the transmission network, ensuring reliable customer supply, managing sales, metering, billing and payment collection for electricity supplied, HEP ODS is responsible for maintenance, replacement, reconstruction and development of distribution network and plant.

Why did they need the SL-3V?
“We needed to resolve customers complaints regarding voltage quality. There were problems with voltage dips, regulation of voltage in substations 10(20)/0,4 kV. We used the SL-3V to assist in resolving these issues and found it a very good piece of equipment and very practical. It was easy to use, and that is one of the advantages, because we are using it as every day maintenance/diagnosis instrument.”

Voltage Logging and Troubleshooting with HEP ODS

After using the SL-3V
“We are using U & I information measurements in the substation, in order to get in connection voltage dips with overload of a single circuit, and U 1f measurements at the customer to control voltage. 

This is the most common problem and in huge percent of case problems can be solved. So this is the first step. After using the SL-3V the outcome of the analysis was the regulation of voltage in substations 10(20)/0,4 kV. 

First step in possible additional actions were for the department for construction and development to improve cables (cross sections).

This product helped in the fast solving of customer problems and avoiding of greater consequences.”

Purchasing experience
“I was very satisfied with the purchase experience and would recommend the Electrocorder SL-3V.”