Support - USB to RS232 Serial Converter

USB Lead


If you have purchased a USB to RS232 converter, you may have to install the drivers, recent versions of Electrosoft do install the drivers, but if you have an older version you may not have the drivers installed.

You can use the drivers shipped with the program which may be in the USB sub-folder within the Program Folder, normally C:\Program Files\Electrosoft\USB. You can download them from the downloads page or use the disk, if one came with the converter.

The following describes the XP installation, other operating systems will vary slightly. When you plug the converter into the PC, it will detect it and identify the new hardware as UC232R, Windows will then ask to search for the drivers, choose 'Yes, this time only', then on the next screen choose, 'Install from a list location' then specify the location of the drivers, possibly the USB sub folder, in the installation folder, or wherever you saved the files to when you downloaded from the internet.

When installed, make a note of the serial or COM port number the converter has been assigned to and when you run Electrosoft, select the appropriate serial port or COM port number.